You Don’t Have to Figure Out Everything. Just Figure Out Today.


Yesterday I talked to three people on the chat. Each of them was going through similar situations.  I am starting to realize that everyone has similar issues.

Young people feel isolated from friends and family, struggle with school and identity.  Adults stress over their work performance and family issues, and sometimes they have trouble making friends now that they aren’t shoved into social situations like they were in high school or college. As well as adjusting to kids leaving for college, changes in family dynamics and their purpose in life.

The difference is people’s abilities to cope with these struggles.  Two people can go through the exact same things and look at them completely differently, and I believe that the difference is the amount of hope the person has.  That’s why I volunteer in suicide prevention. I think that words can give so much hope, even if it’s just for another day.

You don’t have to figure out everything. Just figure out today.

-IMAlive Volunteer


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