Imagine You Are in Pain. So Much Pain You Can’t Breathe…

Imagine youdepressed boy are in pain. So much pain you can’t breathe, you can’t think of anything else. It’s just white, hot, burning pain that demands attention. It takes away your patience, it takes away your ability to socialize, it takes away your ability to think straight. It will not be pacified and it will not be ignored. It is your everyday, your constant and eventually it feels like this pain is part of your identity because you can’t remember a time that pain didn’t exist.

Now imagine that pain is deep in your soul. So deep that no one on the outside can see where this pain came from, or even that it exists. You look like everyIMG_6841one else, you don’t have burns or a cast, you don’t even have a limp. Others can’t see the pain, you can. You can see it when you look in the mirror, you can see it when you talk to others, you can see it when you lay in bed and sob- hoping these will be the tears that take the pain away.

You become overwhelmed because no one understands this pain, understand your life or understands the hopelessness you feel because a life with this pain, is no life. You start to think, suicide will make this pain go away. Suicide will stop the suffering. Suicide will take the burden off your friends and your family. This pain that will not be pacified, will not be ignored, has taken over your identity makes you forget life can be without this pain, this pain brings you to think death is the only option.

IMAlive volunteers are here to look at that pain and tell you, it’s real, it exists, it’s not your identity, you can and you WILL live without it. We are highly trained volunteers who don’t just listen, we empathize with your pain (some of us have felt it) and help you find the right resources to fight this pain and get your life back.

We chat hand shirt v2(2)online with people from all over the world who are in crisis because this pain brought them to a place they can’t get out of by themselves. We come from all different backgrounds, have all different educations and live all over the world. We, like the people who come on to talk to us, have all different stories but we are here because we know we weren’t meant to do this alone. Together we are stronger and we will make it out of this pain.

Suicide has taken too many bright and beautiful people because they thought this invisible pain was permanent, made them invisible and kept them alone. You are not invisible, you are not alone, you matter, your pain is real and we can help.

This pain is not permanent, but suicide is.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or if you or someone you know wants to help others in crisis, please visit



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