Why I Volunteer With IMAlive.org


Imalive2 It’s been an amazing two and a half years as a volunteer! Every week, I get excited to take chats. I still get butterflies after all this time! No two chats are alike, which keeps you on your toes. I have spoken to people as young as 10 and as old as 70, from the Philippines to Finland. Just last week I spoke to a man from South Africa. It is so incredible knowing that little old me can help save a life. Listening is a powerful tool–I’ve become a better friend, partner, and employee using skills I gained in IMAlive training. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I highly recommend anyone considering trying it to just sign up and do it! People need YOUR help. – IMAlive Volunteer

wolunteer banner 2Imalive2Volunteering with IMAlive has had such a profound impact in my life. I feel welcomed and appreciated, not only from people in crisis, but especially from my fellow volunteers and the supervisors. I’ve never found the passion, love, care and laughter in any other job. It is truly amazing. – IMAlive Volunteer

Imalive2Volunteering with IMAlive has taught me more than I could imagine. I truly learned how to listen, and really hear what someone else is saying. Not what I’m thinking they’re saying, not what I’m assuming their saying, but what they are actually saying. Sometimes all someone needs is a listening ear from someone who cares, and I think that has been an invaluable lesson.  – IMAlive Volunteerimagevolunteer

Imalive2I can’t believe I am part of such a huge and amazing team of people who care. I am constantly inspired by the amount of love out in the world. I am honestly, a happier person knowing there is a crisis line like this, filled with amazing people who want to help!! – IMAlive Volunteer

Imalive2Learning the ins and outs of crisis intervention has taught me skills I will use the rest of my life, both on and off the job. – IMAlive Volunteer

FullSizeRender 2

Imalive2I have never been so supported while volunteering. This has
honestly been one of the greatest and most empowering things I have
ever been a part of. – IMAlive Volunteer

Imalive2Contrary to what many may think, my time with IMAlive has given me hope for future generations, and humanity in general. The people who come to us are in pain, some of them have been suffering for years …but to hear how these people have hung on with whatever strength they have left, even if it’s just enough to get on the computer and reach out to us, is so inspiring to me. – IMAlive Volunteer

Imalive2I look forward to volunteering with IMAlive for (hopefully) many years to come. Life has a way of interfering occasionally, but I’ll always be back as volunteering with this organization has allowed me to grow as an individual, and it provides a sense of accomplishment I haven’t found anywhere else. – IMAlive Volunteer



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