Suicide is the 2nd Leading Cause of Death for College Students.

IMAlive College Mental Health Fairs


Alive! Mental Health Fair is a fun, interactive and educational suicide prevention program aimed at college students. Which includes our graffiti wall, secrets wall, share your own secret anonymously, games, prizes and more.


Comments from Virginia Commonwealth University students  Sept. 2015:

● Awesome event.
● Good Job!
● I love this Org.
● This is great.
 ● Keep doing this.
 ● Awesome fair!
● I really loved the graffiti board!
● Love the stations.
● Should put on quarterly! Esp. in winter months.
● This is very cool, spreading the word is great.
● I thought this was
really helpful with giving pamphlets on where to go to talk to someone.
● I loved the fair, it was real
ly informational.
● Great fair! Very helpful! So many resources I didn’t know about before and a lot of new knowledge for me.

VCW15-1.jpg ● I loved this awareness bringing. It really helps.
● Hopefully we can help eliminate suicide!

 ● This is absolutely amazing. You are saving lives. Thank you.
● More people should come to this event!
● The quiz determining symptoms of different disorders was a lot of fun and important.
● My favorite part was the graffiti art….I must have done 3 inspirational quotes that lasted ten minutes. It also feels good to get an anonymous secret out at the Share a Secret table.

 ● I hope it helps stop a suicide.


● I suffer with depression and seeing this fair reach out to people makes me so happy.
 ● Thank you for being here! Such important info to promote.


For more information on our fairs:




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