Lets Stop Suicide, Together!

With only 4 days left in 2015… 490788096_d1

Your tax deductible donation; can help people who are thinking about suicide.

Together, we can all make a difference in our world.

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Comments Made by Our Supporters During IMALIVE 24×7 Giving Challenge

clocks-hands-overlap-at-12-oclock Sometimes all it takes is talking to one person, one kind word, to turn the corner. The process isn’t easy, and can be long, but you have to turn that corner first.

clocks-hands-overlap-at-12-oclock I donated because there was a time when I needed this. And I am so thankful that they do have this available now, because I know in the future I will probably be in the dark place.. looking for someone to talk me out of it. Everyone PLEASE donate, anything you can, this is important and even if its a small contribution, it goes a long way. THANK YOU IMAlive!!!

clocks-hands-overlap-at-12-oclock It may be too late to help loved ones in the past, but we can work together for a better future. Made my donation, dedicated it to my late friend Adam Lee Fogle. Miss you all the time ❤

clocks-hands-overlap-at-12-oclock Thank you for doing this, mental illness is a silent killer! I’ve lost my grandfather, brother and a good friend to suicide. Such beautiful lives cut short!

clocks-hands-overlap-at-12-oclock A late-night radio show called The Mustard Seed was my ‘safe haven’ in the late 60s- and it worked, after a fashion, though I couldn’t call them, nor could I talk with  anyone about how I felt, and how that little scritchy bounced-off-the-atmosphere show  made me feel not alone, just for that bit of time in the middle of the night. IMAlive is a wonder, & worthy of my support. Blessings on your heads, all of you.

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