Hope is Real & You Can Help

IMALIVE.org Volunteer Crisis Network 



  • “I just need to talk to someone…”
  • “I’m thinking about ending my life.”
  • “I don’t think I can make it through this month…”

Help IMALIVE Volunteers support those who are struggling this holiday season. Please donate.



IMALIVE is a worldwide volunteer network that started in the US and now includes volunteers in many other countries.


Our efforts are made possible thanks to the support of individual donors, the PostSecret

Community, and the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, a 17 year old suicide prevention nonprofit organization.

All members of our team volunteer their time to help prevent suicide, one caring conversation at a time.


Many people considering suicide are afraid to pick up the phone and call a hotline. IMALIVE offers a confidential and anonymous chat option, where each chat visitor is offered non-judgmental support and individualized resource options.  In the last 4+ years, we have replied to over 45,000 crisis chats and follow up emails. At IMALIVE, volunteers get trained and provide emotional support from their home.



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