Remember Your Worth Is Not Defined By a Day

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When you look around and it seems like everyone is spending Valentine’s day with their special someone…

Know you are not alone.

When you feel like the world is telling you something is wrong with you because you don’t have a Valentine…

Remember your worth is not defined by a day or what the world says you should be.

When Valentine’s day comes and if you find yourself feeling lonely or if you find yourself feeling unloved….

Remember that love comes in all different forms. That love can be realized in the love we give.

We at IMAlive, PostSecret and Random Acts, want to invite you to be the love we all deserve and become a part of our #ThereIsAlwaysMe campaign. We have created ready made cards to encourage others to know they are not alone, to know their worth is not defined by others, to acknowledge the we know they are trying… you will find them in the link below or you can feel free to create your own positive message. We are placing each card where we know they will be found… it’s a small gesture but one that could go a long way. It could even save a life.

Click this link below to view and print our cards


After you place each card, take a pic and post it to Twitter (@_IMAlive) with the hashtag #ThereIsAlwaysMe. We’d love to see how you decide to be the love this Valentine’s day!




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