What Strength Looks Like…

By: IMAlive Volunteer Gail

Ronda Rousey, unequivocally one of the most prominent and successful athletes of this century had her world shaken beneath her feet three months ago when she lost her title as the Women’s Bantamweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in a mere 59 seconds.

In a moving interview with Ellen DeGeneres this week (https://youtu.be/iwCdv9iR8P8), Ronda was candid about the moments following her defeat. Clearly shaken, she spoke of suicide being the first thought to enter her mind. She felt that if she was no longer the preeminent fighter that she was known to be that she no longer had any worth and no one would care about her at all anymore.

Ronda isn’t alone in that feeling. So many people come to identify themselves solely as their grades, the talent they have, the role they play in their family, or the work that they do; the list goes on. It can become almost impossible to see the other parts of yourself that are very much still there.

Thankfully, Ronda’s mind quickly shifted as she saw the man she loved and knew that having a family was something that she needed to do and she couldn’t do it if she were no longer alive. She knew that she could lean on her support system to help her through her darkest time.


You’ve got to wonder if at the time she was speaking out about her thoughts of ending her life, Ronda knew the tremendous gift she was giving to countless people. When a person known for her toughness, fearlessness, and tenacity could even for one second not only doubt her worth as a human being, but deem herself unworthy of life, where does that leave the rest of us? Well Ronda, it seems you’ve left us comforted, hopeful and inspired. That’s one victory no one can ever take away from you.

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