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What people in crisis have said in the past

  • I feel much better. I honestly thought this would be my last night to live, but this made me feel so much better.
  • Thank you for this service so safe nice to be heard
  • I think that what you guys are doing is so helpful. I didn’t have anyone to talk to and this really helped me feel better. Thank you for doing a great job and please please keep it up.
  • My specialist is an amazing and wonderful person and I cannot thank you enough. I didn’t think more than a drop of progress could be made. Thank you.
  • Alex helped me calm down bunch, glad I looked for help
  • Thank you for this service so safe nice to be heard
  • My first time doing this and I have to say I don’t regret it. It was very helpful for me and I’m thankful it exists


What donors have said in the past

  • I donated because there was a time when I needed this. And I am so thankful that they do have this available now, because I know in the future I will probably be in the dark place.. looking for someone to talk me out of it. Everyone PLEASE donate, anything you can, this is important and even if its a small contribution, it goes a long way. THANK YOU IMAlive!
  • It may be too late to help loved ones in the past, but we can work together for a better future.
  • Thank you for thinking about people who don’t feel worthy of this.
  • Thank you for doing this, mental illness is a silent killer! I’ve lost my grandfather, brother, and a good friend to suicide. Such beautiful lives cut short!
  • May IMAlive keep up the good work!!! It’s an honor for me to be able to support such a wonderful cause so close to my heart… My first donation was on 7/7/08, and I haven’t stopped ever since!
  • You are amazing, selfless people and deserve the world for what you do. I hope my contribution will help, because you’re worth it. Keep on saving lives!

You too can leave your message to IMAlive, Alex, and the world by clicking the link to share your thoughts. These messages are only a few that people have shared over the years. They give peace to those in need, and courage to those still fighting. Together we can make a difference.

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