How Can You Help a Volunteer Directly?


Our Volunteers come from all over the world. With the support of family, friends and perfect strangers those in fund-raising have been able to begin training. You can make a difference by a simple donation to their page.

Read some of their stories:


Hi, I’m Jonathan and right now I’m studying psychology and criminology. I hope to, in the future, go on to graduate school in clinical psychology and work in an integrated restorative justice program. The main reason why I want to become an IMAlive Volunteer Responder is to be a friend for those in need, to help even one person breathe that much easier. Everyone goes through rough times; life is hard, some have it harder than others, but no matter what no one should have to face it on his/her own.


My life has been by no means easy. Raised by a single mother in a country that wasn’t hers, losing her at 21 and then having to learn how to live alone. being over weight my whole life I finally had surgery to reduce my stomach and ended up somehow losing the ability to walk I was diagnosed with guillian-barre syndrome which is when your body attacks your nervous system. I was living in a nursing home for 8 months and had to deal with my ghost and demons. I believe I have been given a second chance to live my life the way I see fit and not how others want me to live it. I plan on doing online classes until I can take campus classes to get my education degree and become a kindergarten or first grade teacher, while I continue to study and get my PhD and hopefully work my way to become a student counselor. through out my life I have always been a shoulder to my friends and I believe that the things I have gone through have made me who I am a very strong and warm hearted individual.


I am a 24 year old USMC veteran. I have had people in my life attempt suicide and many of my friends suffer from depression. I want to be an IMAlive volunteer in order to help anyone out there that may be going through something and contemplating taking their own life. Many people that think about suicide can only see what is right in front of them, I want to help them realize that things can and will get better and that suicide is not the answer.


I have never been good at anything; I’m terrible at sports, I’ve tried (and failed) to play the guitar, I’ve never mastered the art of learning a foreign language, I can’t cook well, I have no talent for riding a horse, my singing voice is dreadful, and I can’t dance. But, what I can do is help people. I listen well. I’m kind. I’m generous with my time. I care. I can walk next to people who are lost and help them to find their own way out of the dark.


In 2012, I lost a Facebook friend when she decided to take her own life. To this day, I wonder what I could have done to help.I can’t help her, but I can help others going through some tough times. I want to become a volunteer in honor of Cheryl. And I want to help others going through difficult times.The #AlwaysKeepFighting #YouAreNotAlone campaigns by Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles have brought awareness to an issue that used to carry a lot of stigma. Not anymore.And thanks to them, I was able to find this organization and realize that I could do something to help.

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