Why We Love Our Volunteers


What Supervisors say about our amazing volunteers:

  1. I love our volunteers because they care so much about the people they talk to!
  2. Many are crazy animal-people too. Dogs, cats, a chinchilla, hamsters, bunnies are just some I can remember.
  3. Each chat pulls at their heart-strings. They never get jaded and care so deeply for each chat they take, no matter the issue.
  4. They live all over the world! And how amazing it is to learn interesting and quirky things about their differences in culture, religion or location in the world.
  5. I love the sense of community, and team, we have at IMALIVE. It is amazing to me that almost none of us have met, and yet still comfort each other over our network… Eagerly contribute, and help each other grow… IMALIVE has more fellowship than some Army units I have been in.
  6. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. And they come together here and care like nothing else matters.
  7. Many of our volunteers have their own struggles. It is amazing that they can utilize what they have learned from their past and through IMALIVE’s training, help others who share common scenarios as they once did.
  8. Their energy. They are always motivated, never hesitate to stay longer if needed and never complain.
  9. The most amazing thing is the friendships that are being built. Although the volunteers may be all over the world, they have built beautiful, life-long lasting friendships.
  10. I love most that they are so passionate for the cause. Many volunteers go above and beyond to help out in all other aspects that there are at IMALIVE.




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