“Depression is a jealous friend” by Torrey DeVitto

We all know what it feels like to be alone. Some of us know what it feels like to feel lonely and depressed. To wake up in the morning gasping for air, wondering why your heart won’t stop pounding and you can’t sleep.Some of us know that feeling when the sun starts to set and with it goes the feeling of safety.
The night comes and the silence ensues.
Your tears flood your living room.
You feel like you’re drowning but feel like you have no one to call.
“Why would you want to burden anyone ?” That’s the thought.

Depression is like a jealous friend who gives you nasty advice. Keeps you away from the friends who love you and convinces you you’ve got to struggle on your own. Allowing the venom from the snake bite of anxiety in your chest to continue to spread and grow.
I stood in a coffee shop once, feeling lonelier than ever. I stood still with my sunglasses on, staring at the strangers all around me. I wanted someone to talk to. I wanted to walk up to any one of them and have them hug me. I stood in that coffee shop unaware of my stillness and unaware of the tears falling down my face. I went home after that and stood in the middle of my apartment in a panic, “Where can I find someone? Anyone to talk to, to touch my arm… to tell me I’m alright.”
I know what it’s like to feel alone.
I know what it’s like to feel helpless.

I had a best friend who felt these feelings so deeply he decided to take his own life one night. I hate that in that moment he was convinced he was alone. You never realize how deeply people you love become a part of who you are until they are gone. There is a space he filled in my heart that will forever be empty. It will never be filled by anything or anyone else again. It’s his. I wish he knew that. I wish he knew deeply, that he touched the people who loved him and now left a permanent hole in each one of us. If he knew that, really truly knew that, I know he wouldn’t have left.
If only everyone knew, that what you’re feeling, others are feeling it too. You’re not some great magician who invented some emotion we all have never heard about. You’re not alone. You’re never alone.

That’s why I’ve chosen to work with and stand by IMAlive. They provide an ear to turn to when you’re feeling like there is no one else. They stand by and live up to the slogan, ” No one deserves to be alone.” Because they don’t. Not you, not me.
Let’s start person by person to spread this love. Share this notion. Show the people around you they’re not alone. We’re all we have, we’re all in this together. Heart to heart it’s time we stand for each other. Share your love, share your compassion. I’ve outstretched my hand, now outstretch yours. Together we got this.

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Watch Torrey’s video, please click here




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