“Depression is a jealous friend” by Torrey DeVitto


We all know what it feels like to be alone. Some of us know what it feels like to feel lonely and depressed. To wake up in the morning gasping for air, wondering why your heart won’t stop pounding and you can’t sleep.Some of us know that feeling when the sun starts to set and with it goes the feeling of safety.
The night comes and the silence ensues.
Your tears flood your living room.
You feel like you’re drowning but feel like you have no one to call.
“Why would you want to burden anyone ?” That’s the thought.

Depression is like a jealous friend who gives you nasty advice. Keeps you away from the friends who love you and convinces you you’ve got to struggle on your own. Allowing the venom from the snake bite of anxiety in your chest to continue to spread and grow.
I stood in a coffee shop once…

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