Comments Left For Actress Torrey Devitto’s Suicide Prevention Campaign


Torrey D.

Torrey launched a worldwide campaign to help those who are thinking of suicide. Her story has touched many, and her campaign is coming to an end on June 2nd.

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Comments left by supporters:

  • I just lost a cousin two weeks ago, who struggled with depression all his life.
  • Not only do I openly battle anxiety and bipolar disorder, but I have lost amazing friends to these often untreated illnesses. The stigma needs to go away so everyone who is fighting can do so with the support of the world.
  • I love you cousin!
  • I lost my precious son over 6 years ago to suicide. The most horrific day in my life. He was loved so very much by so many but only focused on the very painful things that brought him down. Awareness and conversation is so very important.
  • Lost my dear, loving nephew Donald to suicide
  • I can’t imagine how ALONE one is in that moment or believe there is no way out? My heart goes out to that soul and the loved ones who has to feel the pain for years after.
  • Because the loneliness, sadness, fear and emotional pain of depression/anxiety is REAL. We don’t choose to feel this way, we have a hard time escaping from it!!
  • Because I care
  • To Torrey french fan
  • I battle depression and know it’s so important to be able to get help and have support.
  • In loving memory of my Uncle Al and my dear friend Mike.

Click Here To Read Torrey’s Story

Click Here To Watch Torrey’s Video



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