Inside The Life Of An IMAlive Volunteer



From Virginia, United States

Hello hello! My name is Clara; I’m currently living in Virginia, but as a former Navy brat and Army Soldier that’s fairly new! I volunteer with IMALIVE because I know too many people who need help and never got it – either because they had no-one to reach out to, or because they were ashamed.

I have a deep love for fantasy and sci-fi, particularly books by Patricia Briggs (shout-out to her Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series) and Faith Hunter. I’ll also read any historical mystery I can get my hands on, leaving me with a very large Nook library and a very small bank account. If I’m not reading, I’m probably writing or beekeeping. Yes, I do know how strangely different those two hobbies are.

I like that IMALIVE is an equal-opportunity mental health service. We don’t care about age, race, sex, or gender. We just want to help.





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