Inside The Life on an IMAlive Volunteer


From:  British Columbia, Canada

I volunteer with IMAlive because life is sometimes really tough, and I didn’t want people to think they needed to do any of it alone. I saw enough stories of people being bullied, ignored and abused and was sick of feeling powerless. IMAlive doesn’t just help people in crisis, it helps us volunteers use our empathetic hearts for good. It has helped me cope with the reality of a sometimes sad world, given me a place to rejoice in humanity and a community to hope with.

I am constantly and consistently terrible at being consistent with my shift times since I travel for work so much. I spend the majority of the year travelling outside of Canada to set up animal welfare and conservation programs. This means I have volunteered on IMAlive shifts while in Mongolia, England and Croatia, to name a few! We are all so connected and that’s amazing!

It’s very rare to work with such a dedicated, caring and skilled group of people. The IMAlive family and the work we are able to do together are some of the most precious things in my life.



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