Inside The Life on an IMAlive Volunteer

From UK / California
Hey everyone, I’m Elaine. I’m British but currently live in sunny California. 
I started volunteering with IMAlive because I’ve been through some dark times and I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and alone. I believe that everyone’s story deserves to be heard, and everyone should have a place to turn to when they are in crisis. I think that talking about what we’re struggling with really empowers us – and IMAlive is so special because it connects people across the world to do just that. 
In my free time you’ll usually find me in a patch of sunshine with my nose in a book – from poetry to sci-fi, if it has words I’ll read it! I also love listening to music, photography,
running and swimming. 
 By making a difference one conversation at a time, I hope we as a society can become more open and understanding about mental health issues in the future. Working with IMAlive is like being part of a lovely caring family of volunteers and supervisors – it’s such an amazing organization to be part of.

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