Inside The Life on an IMAlive Volunteer

Kiwi currently living in London.
Kia Ora!
I’ve been interested in mental health for as long as I can remember – the older I got, the more obvious it became that so many of us are struggling to keep our heads above water and find meaning in life. Yet individually and as a society we seem determined to pretend everything’s fine.
My desire to understand this dichotomy eventually led me to gain a bachelors degree in psychology, and to begin training in suicide crisis intervention. A great difficulty for me was that I move a lot – in the last two years I’ve lived in New Zealand, Canada, and now the UK. IMalive is perfect for me in that I can connect with people all around the globe from wherever I have internet connection.
When I’m not at work or volunteering you can generally find me with friends or outside trying to soak up all available sun. Fitness and nutrition (and dancing!) are important to me and I’ve been recently trying to switch to a vegetarian diet. Writing that down where you can all read it means I have more incentive to stick to my goal!
Pain is international and doesn’t discriminate. Luckily, the same can be said for IMalive. The community of volunteers are amazingly supportive and I can honestly say this is the most educational, challenging and meaningful work I’ve ever done.

One thought on “Inside The Life on an IMAlive Volunteer

  1. Taffy Strauch says:

    It’s good to know that there are people like you willing to help and being passionate about what they do. I have recently (like the past year) been struggling with major depression. I finally got up enough courage to talk to my doctor about it. Thankfully she didn’t judge me and has been trying to get me stable with antidepressants. I still think about suicide daily but I dont have that urge to carry it out. Pheww! I know theis road can be bumpy but just knowing that there are professionals like you out there put me more at ease. Thank you for caring.


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