IMAlive Volunteers Support Our Military


One of our Veteran volunteers at IMAlive has begun the 22 Pushup challenge to raise awareness for military suicide. She along with many other IMAlive volunteers are doing what they can to show their support. They invite you to do the same.

I am VERY SLOWLY getting back in shape after being medically retired from the Army (PTSD and a neurological problem, Hemiplegic Migraines… Or migraines with stroke like symptoms, can cause seizures and coma, and chronic, daily migraines. ). Thank God, I’m on good medication for it now. But depression is something that I’ve struggled with, and just about everyone I know has… While I work as an IMALIVE Crisis Responder, when nominated, this seemed like the perfect way to raise awareness for a very real problem facing many vets and first responders everywhere.

I can’t do these everyday. Some days, the pain and other symptoms are too much – these are triggered by heat and exercise, and I’ve had to be helped by awesome friends who’ve stepped up to do my days. But you do what you can, when you can. And we make it through.

Raise awareness about veterans Suicide by taking the 22 Pushup Challenge and fundraise to support Active Heroes.

22KILL is a global movement bridging the gap between veterans and civilians to build a community of support.

Self care tip of the day: from my seven years with various hotlines, one thing I hear very frequently is “I don’t want to be a burden” or “they can’t possibly understand”. Please know this: loved ones usually know you are hurting. They feel powerless, and pained, when they’re shut out. Don’t be afraid to communicate with them and let them know your needs.

For loved ones: Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is sit with someone in silent witness of their pain, and let them know they’re not alone. You don’t always have to say anything. Be supportive and listen, and you are doing 90% the right thing. If you don’t know what to say, say that. “I want to support you, but I don’t know what to say. But I’m here for you. How can I help?”
The rules are simple:
* Once you are nominated your 22 days starts the following day.
* Every day record yourself doing 22 push-ups and post it, copy this text and the hashtag to each post.
* Every day nominate a different person, try to choose people you think will want to do this and/or have the ability to do it.
* And finally, this is a simple and fun way to get the word out about a serious matter that more people need to be aware about. Our veterans are brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us. It’s sad that so many good veterans feel that suicide is the only way out. We encourage you to reach out to the Veterans in your life and remind them that they have your love and support or they may lose their battle. Please spread the word that Veteran suicide is not the answer.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your therapy. Talk therapy doesn’t cut it for you? Check out EMDR – that stands for eye motion desensitization and reprocessing – and EAT – equine adaptive therapy. Working with horses… Or if horses aren’t your thing, dogs, cats, ferrets, weasels, whatever – has been proven to be therapeutically very effective. Back in my healthy days, I volunteered as a side walker at an equine adaptive therapy stable; when I needed it, I found it worked.

Thank you all for your service, and thank you for what you do. Rock on!




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