I Am What I Am – Not What I HAVE

I have PTSD. I have medical problems. It took me a long time to recognize the important word there was HAVE.

These are problems I HAVE. They are not problems that I AM.

I AM smart.

I AM strong.

I AM resilient.

I AM determined.

I AM compassionate.

I AM the sum of my words and my choices; I am the dreams I hold to and the stories I share. I am the poetry I write; I am the thunderstorms in the evening, the breeze on my cheeks in the morning. I am the memory of starlight on the ocean, rippling on the waves as it dips from unknown heights to unseen and unimagined depths. I am the tree’s seed, before it explodes through dirt and pierces toward sky; I am the blooming flower, beckoning butterflies with fragrance, and beauty, and potential. I am the butterfly, fluttering on wind, seemingly delicate but strong beyond imagining.

I am not what I have. I am what I am.




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