On #SpiritDay, we proudly join @glaad in taking a stand against LGBTQ bullying

Most of our volunteers have experienced emotional pain themselves. For many it was due to bullying. So now IMALIVE volunteers rally together to give a voice to their own, and every single person that has ever felt the pain caused by bullying.

We Are IMALIVE, and We Are Against Bullying Because:

I was bullied, and I refuse to let someone else be a victim.

Celebrating our differences shouldn’t make us unique.

There’s better ways to express how you feel.photocutout-2

Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top.

Everyone is a unique piece in this puzzle of a world.

No one should ever feel “less than”.

It hurts and makes me feel sad.

Every spirit deserves love and acceptance.

The scars it leaves behind last a lifetime.

Bullying steals away a bit of humanity from all involved.

Bullying only leads to more bullies.

It’s wrong and you wouldn’t like it if it happened to you.

I’ve seen and felt the pain of bullying and it has left many scars. img_3258

It will haunt you later.

Everyone is fighting an uphill battle. Instead of being the loose gravel under their feet that makes them fall, be the crutch they can lean on.

It’s intentional pain & it hurts your soul.

I have seen the emotional damage bullying does to everyone.

If you or someone you know is struggling, or in a crisis. We are here to help.

You are not alone.



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