IMALIVE: Helping Without An Agenda

In response to the numerous postings that people should avoid IMALIVE Crisis Chat I would like to point out that there are some erroneous implications that are being made.  I understand these postings have been made by well meaning folks whose motivation is to help others get appropriate help in times of need.  I truly appreciate your concerns.  Sadly the misconceptions will limit the choices for those reaching out for the quality help you wish for them.

The support provided by IMALIVE is governed by the person centered principles of Carl Rogers that are universally accepted by all crisis centers.  These principles ensure the work done with any person empowers them to make their own choices and decisions based on their own abilities and beliefs.  During the crisis intervention process there would be no point where a helper would enforce their personal views on an individual.

The strength of IMALIVE’s ability to help lies in the diversity of our team.  Team members represent the entire spectrum of humankind united to empower individuals to have the hope they can move beyond their crisis to survive and thrive.  Regardless of their personal beliefs or orientation, at no time would any team member attempt to impose their will on a person accessing our service.

I truly appreciate the postings that have been made.  It shows that you share IMALIVE’s concern that all people have a safe place they can turn to where they can be helped in an accepting, nonjudgmental, respectful, empathic manner.  It is my hope this will clear up some of the confusion regarding IMALIVE and that each of you will tell those you know who are in need to reach out for help.  Thank you.




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