Thank You To Our Veterans


My father and grandfathers were Military. Soldiers. Veterans. They were proud of who they protected, and lived by their core values. I am happy to be a part of the military family and will always fight for their rights in our world.


List of Free Meals, Discounts to Thank Our Military

At 17 years old I was about to step foot on my very first plane. I was terrified. I was all of 5 feet tall and only 95 pounds. I grew up in the hills of upstate New York and I am a country girl at heart. So getting on a plane to head to the big city of Chicago, well more like Great Lakes, Illinois, for Navy boot camp was pretty scary to say the least.

Of course I had pictured Navy boot camp out to be something much more glamorous than it really was. It was more like a whole lot of exercising, cleaning, more exercising, more cleaning, meals, exercising, screwing up, formations, exercising, so on and so forth until you either puked, were too tired to care, to0 tired to function or all of the above. Most of the time it was all of the above.

For what it was worth, through all of hard stuff we had to endure it was more of a mental struggle then a physical one. Those 9 weeks you learned a lot about who you were as a person and you forged friendships with people that would last a lifetime if you were lucky. I was in the lucky group.

I went on to Information Systems Technicians school after that, sounds fancy right. I went on to the Naval War College in Newport Rhode Island. Sadly that is where my Navy career ended. Shortly after arriving at my duty stations I was diagnosed with epilepsy and was honorably discharged from service.

I spent 3 years on active duty. During those three years I got to meet a vast array of military service members from all branches of service, not only from the U.S. military but from foreign military as well. I am forever humbled by my time in the service. Every time I walk into the VA, I can’t help but feel grateful. Grateful for those who went before me, for those who sacrificed so much more than I ever did.

Veterans Day: Discounts and Freebies –

When I was younger I couldn’t understand how people would join an institution that would teach one how to use weapons that can kill people. Why would you want to learn how you can take a life? However, while I got older I realized that the world is a lot more complex than I wished it was and that the wars that I learned about in school were nothing of the past. I remember vividly the images how parts of the world were attacked, parts that I called home. I became afraid that the beautiful place that I call home could suddenly not be so beautiful anymore. But while I got older I also met a lot of people that chose different paths than me and who helped me to make a little more sense of it all. Joining the military became less about learning how to kill people and more about the brave women and men that sacrifice their lives to keep my home beautiful. I may never fully understand what this sacrifice truly is but I know one thing: Because of you, I am lucky enough to be safe in a beautiful place. You fight so that I get to keep and life my dreams. Saying thank you will never be enough. It will never bring back the people that were lost, it will never take away the pictures that you have seen or the pain that you experienced. But maybe knowing that you make a difference will help you feel more at ease. You make this world a better place. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Today we will celebrate you for the heroes that you are.

The IMAlive Team would like to thank all of the Veterans and Military who strive to keep our country safe.

We are here for you if you ever need us.



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