Inside The Life of an IMAlive Volunteer


From Washington, USA

“There must be some mistake

I didn’t mean to let them

Take away my soul.

Am I too old, is it too late?”

-Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

“The Show Must Go On”

The show must always go on. And the best part of the show is what happens after

you dig in and say “I deserve life, health, and happiness. I am worth it, and I am

not alone!”

I volunteer at IMAlive because I now have the capacity, the need, and the desire to

create the space where people can come and feel safe to talk about their troubles.  I

know from experience that just having one person be willing to hear you, well…it

can make all the difference between someone dying by suicide and remaining here

to Always Keep Fighting.

Moreover, my time here at IMAlive has given me the opportunity to meet people

like me, and now?  Now, when people hear me talk, instead of running away, they

relate!  This is the only thing I’ve done in my entire life which is a gift, both to the

people we serve here at IMAlive, and to ourselves.



One thought on “Inside The Life of an IMAlive Volunteer

  1. Kaelyn says:

    What a wonderful service, it is incredible you recognize the value to all parties involved. You are making a difference in this World. Thank YOU for being of service.


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