IMALIVE Volunteers Are Thankful Today

IMAlive Volunteers share their thankful thoughts with you today. From the IMAlive family, to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

🍁 What I’m most thankful for is my fellow volunteers, workers, and supervisors, whose journey brought them HERE. I am thankful that each of us fought through whatever we had to go through in order to gain the life experience we needed to even want to become volunteers. The life experiences that shaped us to value the compassion and understanding needed to be here when others are in theirΒ most vulnerable hours.


🍁 I am incredibly thankful for the support system I have built. I have wonderful and loyal individuals in my life that support me even when I am unable to access my own self-value.

🍁 IMAlive has given me the chance to take the hard and broken things I’ve experienced, and use them to extend compassion and care to people who find themselves in hard places. This has been hugely redemptive and healing for me. And so I’m truly grateful for the brave souls who reach out, and for the immense privilege IMAlive offers me to share in their story, even if only for a short chat.


🍁 I am thankful to be alive and see another day. Living with autoimmune, you never know when your last day will be. I am thankful for my family and friends who take the time to understand my illnesses and support me through the good, the bad and the ugly.

🍁 I am thankful for finding myself dancing again this year, which is something I thought I had long-buried. Somehow, life brought me right in front of my biggest heartache, and helped me understand the purpose and value of dance as a gift in my life with more wisdom than I had before. ❀


🍁 I am thankful for my pets and my family’s strong bond through tough times.
I’m so grateful for my amazing ‘soul sister’ who is always there for me. I’m blessed with my wonderful friends, and my silly cat. They make my life complete.


🍁 I am thankful for my parents, my animals, and my dearest friends, as well as positive people with out-of-the-box perspective on life, love, and happiness.


🍁 I am thankful to have people in my life who I would consider true friends; who help me through the difficult times in my life and allow me to be there for them, and who help me enjoy everything life has to offer.


🍁 Today I’m thankful for family in a way I haven’t been before. I’m away from home this year and for the first time living in a city where I didn’t know anyone. My parents came for a visit last week, and I caught myself wanting to savour every moment I spent with them, my phone, or Netflix – things that often compete strongly for my attention – didn’t seem to matter while I was with them. I’ve always said I was thankful for family, but sometimes those words felt empty, and more like lip service than anything. But, since being away, I can say that with a level of sincerity and truth I haven’t felt before.


🍁 I am thankful for professors who understand that not everyone is comfortable talking in a big class.


🍁 My friends who stick by me through everything and are always there to remind me that there are people who care about me.



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