Inside The Life of an IMAlive Volunteer


 from Ontario, Canada

I have worked in mental health care for over 20 years. But 9 years ago I had my own crisis and attempted suicide. After a painful struggle I got back on track. I felt I had been given a second chance but did not live up to my potential. I struggled with my purpose in life. When I learned of IMAlive, I just knew, this was what I was looking for. An opportunity to put my knowledge of mental health, trauma (I’m a trauma specialist in my workplace), and my own experience with suicide, to good use.

I’m extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

I believe people are so resilient and so courageous. I see that daily in my work. I learn so much from my clients and I admire their strength.  They are amazing people. I try to reflect their courage and strength in the conversations I have with them, to let them know I believe in them.

I’m very blessed; I have an awesome job, wonderful people around me, a roof over my head and everything I could ever wish for. My hope is to help others achieve the same. 😊



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