Let’s spread Love

The most powerful word I know is love. Telling someone that you love them will probably be the greatest thing they will ever hear. Love comes in many different forms and shapes but any time that you do feel love, you feel good. Something inside you gets tingly and warm.

Although we know how amazing it is to feel loved we so often hide away our love and just show it to the people we know, the people we care about.

But lately our world has seen so much hate. Not supporting people for who they are, taking away human rights, taking away safety and not to forget killing others without any apparent reason. It is so much hate that sometimes I feel like taking all of the hate in that I see on a daily basis will take away the love I have inside of me.

So instead of letting the hate take over I show love. I show love to strangers by smiling at them. I give the homeless people I meet food or money to buy food. I help the fragile lady carry the bags of groceries home and I take the guys side that is being yelled at for being different. All these people deserve love and I know that my small action may have made a difference for them.

I lived the 25 Days of Hope this December and I will continue to live it. I may not need a basket to save my items in to distribute them at Christmas but I make sure that I show at least one stranger a day an act of kindness.

Because if I have learned one thing from the hate, it is, as Martin Luther King Jr. already said, that hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.

So let’s spread love. 365 days a year.




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