2016 Volunteer of The Year

In January 2016, Patty became the first volunteer to be certified with the Random Acts sponsorship. This makes her accomplishment of becoming the volunteer of the year 2016 even more special.

As a Crisis Responder, Patty has been successful in managing different scenarios and working with different persons in crisis, from prankers to high-risk, and teenage dramas to concerned friends. She handles seemingly impossible situations with confidence and independence, while at the same time knowing when to ask her supervisors for support, and all the while maintaining a great level of professionalism.

She is the kind of person who goes against the grain, not because it is cool, but because it is the right thing to do in certain situations. Her experiences show everyone the importance of enjoying the simple things in life. Most importantly, she never turns away from lending help to both friends and strangers, and this passion for helping others shines through in her work every time she is on shift.

Patty has been a great enrichment to everyone she has met here at IMAlive. We could not be more proud that she is our Volunteer of the year 2016. Congratulations Patty!




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