2016 Supervisor of The Year

Congratulations to our 2016 Supervisor of the Year
– Scott from Texas
Scott joined IMAlive in 2015 and has been a cherished volunteer ever since. On shift, he supports volunteers in navigating difficult chats by helping them determine the best course of action to help a person in crisis. He tailors his support to suit each volunteer’s needs, which he accomplishes by taking the time to get to know the volunteers both on a professional and a personal level. Always eager to listen and provide support to all certified volunteers and volunteers in training, both on and off shift, he ensures they feel appreciated and is passionate about helping them grow as people and as crisis responders. In addition to being an exemplary shift supervisor, he is teaching new volunteers the basics of crisis intervention.
Here are a few words our volunteers shared about Scott:
  • I had a really rough chat on one of my first few shifts with him and he was wonderful; he took the time to make sure I was okay
  • I have learned so much from him, and I hope I have the opportunity to learn even more.
  • Scott is always there to greet with a proper hello that makes you smile! I am so honored and happy to work with such a wonderful person who truly is understanding and empathetic. He’s always there to give support and guidance in moments of uncertainty
  • It makes me very, very happy to know that he is being honored in this way for his work and dedication here at IMAlive. Congratulations Scott!¬†
We are elated to have Scott as our Supervisor of the year.

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