She makes this World a Better Place

Today all over the world women are celebrated. We are celebrating their fierceness, their strength, their resilience, their extraordinariness, their bravery and also their beauty.

Today I am celebrating the women in my life just like you are celebrating the ones in yours. The women in my life are indeed fierce, strong, resilient, extraordinary, brave and beautiful. But to me they are even more than that: they are my role models, my teachers, my mentors, my friends. Some of them I grew up with, others I met through work and some of them just came into my life without a warning. But for every single one of them I am grateful because they have shaped me into the person I am and the woman I want to become when I grow up.

But it wasn’t just the women that shaped me into the person I am. It also the men. The men don’t get a day to celebrate themselves. You could say that they do that every day anyway or that they don’t face the same social challenges that women do but yet we should remember them. Because without men women wouldn’t need to be fearless or resilient or extraordinary. They shape us just as much. I know I wouldn’t  be the person I am without the men that I met in my life.

So let’s celebrate. Let’s celebrate everything women have accomplished, everything that they stand for and let’s celebrate every woman for who she is as she makes this world a better place. Let’s celebrate you as without you this world would be different.



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