IMAlive February Volunteer of the Month



from Ontario, Canada

Moon came to IMAlive in 2016, with more than 25 years experience in mental health care. She not only brings her life experiences, but an empathetic ear that has already helped many people in crisis here at IMAlive.

Moon has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has excellent skills in crisis intervention, and is calm, collected, and has an awesome style within her chats. She started off as a strong responder, and continues to grow stronger with each shift. She asks for feedback to further develop her skills, and learns from the feedback received.

What has stood out when we asked our supervisors about Moon:

  • She doesn’t panic and is always in control.
  • She uses these qualities to learn and grow and be an even better responder.
  • I can’t say enough good things about Moon.
  • I have truly enjoy working with her and look forward to a long future with her.
  • Moon is very introspective, analytical and insightful.
  • She is very compassionate and eager to help.

  • Moon is dedicated to empowering people and never walks away from a  challenge.

From all of the IMAlive Team, we congratulate Moon as our Volunteer of the Month for February. Keep being amazing!



2 thoughts on “IMAlive February Volunteer of the Month

  1. Katrina Lowe says:

    Soo proud. I am soo in love with this amazing woman and how she is blooming. 💘 that shes got such awesome scars that are saving others!


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