Volunteer of the Month March

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Brogan from New Zealand

Brogan joined IMAlive in the beginning of 2016. When we asked Brogan why she wanted to join IMAlive, the wrote the following:

“I know from experience that even when things seem incredibly hopeless, something as simple as a human connection and being heard can make all the difference. I want to let people know I am in their corner.” And ever since, every time she is on shift she has been showing every person who reaches out that she is truly in their corner.

What distinguishes Brogan is her desire to absolutely understand each chatter’s story and reason for reaching out. To every chatter, she gives her undivided attention, her kindness and patience, and always knows the exact way to show them the kind of support they need in the moment. Even if the person in crisis has lost all hope, Brogan shows them that she still has hope for them.

In addition to supporting and empowering people in crisis, Brogan always demonstrates her willingness to go beyond what is being asked of her by actively seeking out feedback and continuously incorporating it into her actions with the aim of constant improvement. She has proven to have a deeper understanding of the purpose and goals of IMAlive and shows this also in her respectful communication with fellow volunteers, supervisors and chatters.

We are elated to congratulate Brogan as our volunteer of the month of March.


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