IMAlive Volunteer Hours Reach Milestones!

When I first got word that I’d been approved to be a crisis responder, I was worried I’d not be able to do the work that I would be doing. However, with the extensive training I received and supervisors that work alongside me, I feel that I’m in very safe hands to help others.

Behind the scenes, there is a network of support for all the volunteers. Every person I’ve encountered, from the director to trainees, is dedicated and caring and so very kind. I knew it was a great group before I started, but being in the mix, IMAlive has shown me a new level of compassion and support that I was unaware existed.

I’ve done volunteer work before but, the commitment to helping people that IMAlive has, has just been incredible and I’m very proud to volunteer with them. IMAlive Volunteer

25 hour milestone:

Aerie from California
Allie from Louisiana
Amanda from Massachusetts
Amla from Australia
Ann from Texas
Annelise from Louisiana
Ashley from Arizona
Ashley from Florida
Brenna from California
Casey from Maine
Catarina from New York
Chelsea from South Carolina
Emily from the UK
Erica from Illinois
Gabbi from Pennsylvania
Ian from Virginia
Jackie rom Arizona
Jan from Kansas
Jane from California
Jean from Illinois
Jennifer from Tennessee
Jennifer from Virginia
Jessica from Australia
Jessica from Virginia
Kate from Connecticut
Keith from Rhode Island
Kelly from Illinois
Khai from North Carolina
Kristen from Minnesota
Kristen from Virginia
Maze from MIchigan
Melody from Florida
Miranda from New Mexico
Peter from California
Ruiting from Germany
Ryan from Illinois
Sam from New York
Sasha from Colorado
Shelley from Maryland
Stephanie from Illinois
Tressa from California

When a human being confides their soul to the point they may want to give up, I have the courage to face it and throw all fear aside to help a stranger live through another moment. – IMAlive Volunteer

50 hour milestone: 

Abbey from Ohio
Alexis from Rhode Island
Allene from Washington
Andrea from Indiana
Angie from Texas
Anni from Singapore
Ashley from Washington, DC
Beck from Minnesota
Bryan from Illinois
Cheryl from Oregon
Chiamaka from California
Christina from Idaho
Christine from British Columbia, CA
Christine from Maryland
Clarissa from Ontario, CA
Debra from Arizona
Donna from Ohio
Elaine from Illinois
Erin from North Dakota
Fran from New Jersey
Hecate from Ontario, CA
Holly from California
Illinca from Ontario, CA
Jamie from New Jersey
Janice from New Jersey
Joan from Massachusetts
Joelle from Washington, DC
Kaitlin from New Jersey
Katie from Ohio
Kristen from Ohio
Krystin from New York
Leah from Illinois
Lisa from Michigan
Lisa from Ohio
Liz from the UK
Meghan from Virginia
Morgan from West Virginia
Nick from Quebec, CA
Nicole from Georgia
Perry from Massachusetts
Rebecca from Idaho
Sabine from New York
Samantha from Australia
Sarah from Ohio
Stephanie from Indiana
Stephanie from Kansas
Tara from Arizona
Teresa from Wisconsin
Tonya from Wisconsin
Vanessa from Texas

Why do you do this? To make a difference, not because I have to, but because I can.  IMAlive Volunteer

100 hour milestone: 

Alexa from Manitoba, CA
Anne from Indiana
Annie from California
Chelsea from New Hampshire
Christina from Ohio
Courtney from New York
Deanna from Massachusetts
Gionna from Utah
Iris from the Netherlands
Jade from Australia
Jane from Georgia
Jennifer from New Jersey
Karen from Australia
Lara from Illinois
Mickey from Florida
Nicole from WIsconsin
Radhika from Texas
Rajam from Oman
Sarah from California
Sharon from Kentucky
Sonya from Tennessee
Vesna from California
Wade from Australia

I am thankful that IMAlive is available for people all over the world to reach out when they feel helpless and alone. I tell my students about IMAlive, and I’m thankful that this service is available when people feel they have nowhere else to turn. I am also thankful for my involvement in IMAlive and the ability to do a small kindness for others. -IMAlive Volunteer

150 hour milestone:

Aimee from New York
Janice from Florida
Jen from Wisconsin
Lisa from Washington
Marie from Ontario, CA
Matt from Illinois
Mitch from Illinois
Moon from Ontario, CA
Proshonni from Bangladesh
Rin from Germany
Suzie from Washington DC

I am thankful that we get the chance to pay it forward and help others, and that somehow, we were all brought here to do so. -IMAlive Volunteer

200 hour milestone: 

Brogan from New Zealand
Elaine from Colorado
Henry from Massachusetts
Lara from Washington
Mahsa from Ontario, CA
Mary Kate from Massachusetts
Michelle from New Jersey
Patty from New Hampshire
Philipp from California
Tranae from Washington DC
Gwyn from Illinois
Jackie from Connecticut

I am thankful that IMAlive has taught me that none of us have to go through the rough patches in life alone. – IMAlive Volunteer

300 hour milestone:

Ann from Indiana
Joe from Pennsylvania
Amaris from British Columbia, CA
Amy from Connecticut
Anna from Ontario, CA
Jerica from South Carolina
Ramey from Kansas

This organization has changed my life. The work that is done here is incredible and I feel so honored to be able to be a part of it.
Thinking that even if just one person is helped makes all the work worth while.  -IMAlive Volunteer

400 hour milestone:

Katie from Colorado
Laura from Virginia
Tracy from Florida
Bryanna from Ontario, CA
Jessica from West Virginia
Kristen from Nova Scotia, CA
Nicki from Ireland

A volunteering experience that is hard to ever forget because the numerous skills you learn and can use every where. Everyone that works here is so supportive of each other and so empathetic.  – IMAlive Volunteer

500 hour milestone: 

Michelle from Washington
Adrianne from South Carolina
Ann from Montana
Diana from New York
Jaymi from Washington
Karen from California
Kathryn from North Carolina
Kim from British Columbia, CA
Matt from Michigan
Nora from British Columbia, CA

I’ve learned that I can make a difference to another person just by being there, listening without judging, and helping someone help themselves. It’s a really wonderful feeling. – IMAlive Volunteer

1000 hour milestone:

Scott from Texas

IMAlive lets me do something truly meaningful. My job is great, but it not particularly socially-minded. With the addition of IMAlive, I completed a triad in my life – gainful, enjoyable employment, artistic outlets via singing, and social contributions via IMAlive. I feel like my needs are being fulfilled, and every young teenager who contacts us reflects a little of myself from that era of my life, and how much I needed someone to believe in me and tell me that I had the power to work through my problems. Thank you, IMAlive, for letting this be part of my story. – IMAlive Volunteer



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