Fact or Fiction?

Join us this National Mental Health Month, to learn the truths of each question we post. We will add a new question and answer to this same page.

This is our game “Fact or Fiction” that we use during our Alive, Mental Health Fairs, and at the Supernatural conventions. Do you know all of the answers?




  1. Talk therapy has been tested clinically and found to be effective. In some cases, it works as well as medication. Good talk therapy helps address triggers and change behaviors to improve quality of life.







2. People who have persistent thoughts of suicide want to stop the feelings of sadness, numbness, hopelessness. They DO NOT want to stop living. With proper support and combination of therapy and/or medication there’s a high chance of recovery.




3. Drugs and alcohol decrease a person’s inhibitions and increase a person’s impulsivity, thus increasing a person’s risk of suicide.



4. Over 90% of people who die by suicide suffer from depression or another mental health disorder, often an untreated or undiagnosed one.


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