Volunteers of the Month – April


Wade from Australia
Wade joined IMAlive in 2016 through a Random Acts sponsorship. Wade is always a pleasure to work with, he is very dependable and manoeuvres every chat masterfully. When talking to a chatter he devotes his full attention to that person and nothing else matters to him except that persons pain. He is intuitive reads between the lines and even in the toughest conversation doesn’t loose his cool. On top of that he always spreads positivity amongst the people he works with, fellow volunteers and supervisors.
Tania from Puerto Rico
Tania joined IMAlive in the beginning of this year and was sponsored by Random Acts. Tania is a force of light that doesn’t shy away from a tough chat. She manages to have chatters open up to her that are scared to talk because she shows true concern and compassion for every single person that she talks to. She always thrives to improve herself by asking questions and learning as much as she possibly can. Tania is a kind soul and touches everyone that she talks to, from chatters to fellow volunteers to supervisors.
Congratulations to you both for doing amazing work!

One thought on “Volunteers of the Month – April

  1. xbaconator9000x says:

    I am so honoured to be given such an acknowledgement! And to share it with a volounteer as talented as Tania!
    I could never have achieved something like this without the help of my partner, who guided my hand through the training, and who always has my back when I need help or get stuck in my chats. And to the amazing Supervisors and Volunteers who I usually work with. You guys deserve this commendation at LEAST as much as I do, because you’re all responsible for shaping me into the Volounteer that I am, as well as being beyond fantastic in your own right.

    Thank you so very much! 🙂

    Now to celebrate 😀

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