Volunteer of the Month – May

Alexa from Manitoba, CA

Alexa has joined IMAlive in the fall of 2016 and has been a steady support to people in crisis ever since. With each shift she has done, she has grown in how she deals with each chat. Alexa has approached challenges with calmness and understanding. She puts herself in the shoes of the person in crisis and takes her time with each chat to make sure the person in crisis is listened to. Alexa’s natural empathetic manner, enthusiasm and dedication to those in need are just some of the characteristics that make her our volunteer of the for May.

Cheryl from Oregon

Cheryl became an IMAlive volunteer at the beginning of 2017 through a sponsorship of Random Acts. She joined because she wanted to give back to society after having seen many different people struggling for many different reasons. Talking to people in crisis Cheryl has an incredible patience and doesn’t give up without a fight. At the same time she is never afraid to ask for help and is always looking for ways to improve her communication with chatters. Working with her is always a positive experience and never a dull one at that. We couldn’t be happier to have Cheryl volunteer with IMAlive.

We are so proud of our two volunteers of the month.


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