Outer Beauty vs. Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is something that is widely underestimated all over the world. Constant body shaming, keeping to a standard body image and frequent advertisements of being perfect keeps us from being who we are. When we ask someone to define a person they normally start by saying “average height, dark complexion, kinda shady looking”. But we have to ask ourselves, is that who they are? Is this what s/he should go by?

October 7th is National Inner Beauty Day and this is why I’m writing this article but I think we should celebrate our inner beauty every single day in our life.

Today, people are so obsessed with having a perfect body image, they often overlook what they have which brings their inner self. Some people have freckles but they are not proud of it. But freckles are something that is unconventional which makes someone totally unique. Some people (Me! Me!) are born with curly hair but often they are not happy about it. Like freckles curly hair is also something you should be proud of because it makes you who you are. As for me, my curls give me an extra pinch of character and they add to my quirky personality. The discrimination between fair and dark complexion is so huge in the South-Asian part of the world. Having a dark skin is like a huge disadvantage in that part of the world. Lots of advertisements are about how to achieve a fairer skin – which is so unjust. Beauty is a light in the heart, not on the face.

Which brings us to our next segment, discovering our inner beauty. Inner beauty does not only have to be about loving what you’re born with but also about what you are like as a person. Inner beauty is your intelligence, hobbies, aspirations, – mostly what made you into who you are. It is also about the choices you have made in your life, your childhood dreams, how you are as a company. You can be super introvert, socially awkward and have a dark, brooding music taste. You can be lively, playful and have a strong liking for pineapple pizza. No one has a right to judge you – that is just who you are. Beauty is not on the outside; it’s on the inside. Inner beauty defines how attractive you are as a human being – Are you kind? How are you as a person? At my point of view, physical appearance is always overestimated. You cannot know a person just by a glance.

There are lots of misconceptions about inner beauty. If you ask most of the people if they value inner beauty, they will laugh it off. To most of them it is a joke. They think it is something “ugly people” say about themselves to feel better. But these are like prejudices. You cannot eradicate them and of course you cannot make people believe something by force but you can change your perspective. Now a question might arise – How do we know inner beauty has an effect on people? The answer is simple. When you fall in love with a person’s personality, it is way stronger than falling in love with just a face. This is where we admit that making ourselves beautiful on the inside has a lot more effect than on the outside.

So-called beauty standards not just creates sadness throughout our life, it also creates negativity, displeasures and discontent with our natural appearances. It hinders us from being confident and also refrains us from bringing out our own talents. By giving our physical appearance number one priority shows that we are not trying to improve ourselves as a human being, we are just blending in instead of standing out.


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