Introducing… Embrace Your Superpower!

Join us in our new and exciting campaign for 2018!

Embrace Your Superpower is a campaign celebrating who we are and why we stand out. There is NO such thing as a ‘perfect’ human being, however, we are so quick to point out our imperfections and compare ourselves to others.

Society has made it very difficult for us to embrace ourselves and as a result we have a phenomenon of insecurities amongst ourselves. 

The aim of our Embrace Your Superpower campaign is to challenge society’s message of general standards and beauty. We want to let people know that it is okay to have insecurities, its okay to struggle with mental health issues and it’s okay to have suicidal ideation. At the end of the day, underneath it all, we are all human. Overcoming our own personal challenges makes us strong, it makes us all superheroes. So, let your voice be heard and embrace your superpower. 

How to take part?

  • Print these eye-catching flyers out and post them around your school, college, community. You can spread a message of acceptance and love to those who may need it. Help them to embrace their superpower. 



  • Print out our unique #EYS2018 poster and write YOUR superpower that YOU will embrace in 2018. Snap a selfie with the poster in frame and upload it to social media using #EYS2018 to show others that it is okay to embrace yourself. Share the love, share the support and one by one we can help make this world a more accepting place.



Buy our limited edition shirt and embrace YOUR superpower!
Embrace Your Superpower for National Suicide Prevention Month. Join IMAlive, PostSecret, Actress Torrey DeVitto, Actress Carrie Genzel, Author Jennifer Niven,  Author T.H. Hernandez & more in our movement to fight the stigma of suicide and mental health. Support Our Campaign!

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