Congratulations to our 2017 Supervisor of the Year!

At IMAlive, we are truly lucky to have so many amazing supervisors that, when asked for a supervisor of the year, many of us were at a loss for who to choose. It is always difficult to choose one person from a list of truly outstanding people. After all, we have all been helped through difficulties by many of our wonderful supervisors. They have an important and significant role in how IMAlive runs and we are thankful to them all for their tireless work in making sure things go smoothly. Supervisors serve as mentors to other volunteers from the start and are all so willing to share their knowledge and experience with the newer volunteers.

But, there can only be one, as they say. So, with that in mind, the supervisor that stood out for many of us this year is someone that has been described as “really understanding”, “very outgoing” and “friendly and helpful”. Several have mentioned how “approachable, attentive, and supportive” she is. She has been such a “beacon of joy and positivity” during training and afterwards for a lot of volunteers.

Without further suspense, our supervisor of the year for 2017 is none other than… (drumroll please) Nicki from Ireland!

Nicki is “a complete delight to work with” and “exemplifies what IMAlive is all about”. She has obviously made a lovely impact on the other volunteers and continues to do so with her positivity and warm presence during shifts and throughout training. She is always able to “offer moral support” and advice for times that it is needed as well as a caring reminder to volunteers about their own self-care after some hard shifts. Nicki has also taken time to help newer volunteers develop ways to improve their interactions during chats. She is “detailed, genuine, and honest” in her feedback and “somehow knows just what to say to help”.

It is obvious that we appreciate the guidance Nicki provides us and the positive and supportive way she offers it. New volunteers feel less nervous when working with Nicki because she has a way of making us feel at ease. We don’t feel as though we are talking to a stranger, but instead, we feel as though we are talking to someone we know and are comfortable with. It is clear to us that Nicki is dedicated to the success of each new volunteer she helps guide through training.

It is truly an honor to work with someone like Nicki. She is a huge asset to the IMAlive team with her inclusive nature and inspiring attitude.

Congratulations to Nicki, our supervisor of the year for 2017!




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