Understanding Introvert Personality

We all know at least one introverted person in our life. They can be someone from our family or friends or coworkers. Introverts get called lots of things such as: shy, aloof, arrogant, moody, unsocial, unfriendly, boring are the most commonly used.  The thing is that introverts are really bad at expressing themselves. This is why most of the time they get misunderstood. As an introvert myself, I am going to discuss some of the problems as well as misunderstandings I face often in my day-to-day life.

  • It’s not that we do not like spending time with you and your friends, it’s just that sometimes it is one of those days when all we want to do is hang back and avoid socializing.
  • “Let’s just go and after a while you’ll start to enjoy.”-Isn’t much reassuring to us always. Because you extroverts do not see things the way we see.
  • We hate icebreaking activities. So it’s not like we are rude or anything, it’s because we are not always comfortable making small talk.
  • Introverts always tend to avoid the limelight. Drama is not for us.
  • Introverted people are great observers. We like to observe everything from a certain distance and avoid gatherings and crowds. Extroverts learn from trial and error while introverts learn through observation.
  • We do not like to talk about ourselves. Sometimes it becomes a challenge for introverted people to attend job interviews. It is a given fact that corporate jobs require a lot of social interactions that becomes a bit difficult for people in high introversion. On the other hand, careers that involve working independently are often a great choice for introverts.
  • Introverts generally have less friends but their friendship always has deep and meaningful value. They tend to choose their friends very carefully.
  • Sometimes after a long day of socializing introverts have to have a particular amount of time alone just to recharge themselves. So after a social event, if your friend or colleague wants to be alone, it’s not just because s/he does not like your company, it’s because s/he needs some time to themselves.
  • They can be great listeners. And generally they think outside of the box.
  • Sometimes it is difficult for us to give an effort to make the conversation going. So if you see in a get together, one of your friends is on their phone constantly, it does not mean s/he is bored, it means that they are not comfortable speaking up. Just leave them be.
  • They have their own perspective. So once the icebreaking part is over and you and your introvert friend have totally hit it off, you will get to see what an interesting person s/he is.
  • Extroverts thrive in the company of others but for us, a book can be plenty of company.

So ultimately, introverts are represented as sullen, gloomy but to be honest all they need is some space and time to adjust. Saying no to a plan does not mean that we do not like you.

Please do not give up on us!


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