National Make A Friend Day: The Impact of Making a New Friend

Imagine this. You are xx years old and you have met an array of people, people from all walks of life; different personalities, backgrounds, ethnicities, social classes, etc. With your own walk of life, you feel like you’ve met your tribe. The people who get you, love you, and know you to be the best version of you that you can be. They’ve made all the faux friendships you made beforehand mean nothing.  They’ve seen you at you worst and seen you (in your opinion) your most extraordinary stage. Like you have the world at it’s knees.  School, work, relationships, friendships, ambition, goals,  EVE-RY-THING is in submission because you’ve got your stuff handled. Even more so, they make you feel like there was a mistake in the cosmos. One night when you’re all watching a movie in someone’s home and fighting over who burnt the popcorn, who’s burp just grossed another out, and how much room is being taken up on the bed, things slow. You look around and realize… “this, this is my family.”

Orrrrrr……Maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe you’re not completely surrounded by those you love. There are some who may be a bit rough around the edges. There could be a couple who pop in and out, but not enough to establish that security. There are a few who are downright toxic. They hear you when you talk but they don’t listen. They wait until you’re done talk either:

A: Wait for you to finish just so they could continue.

B: Hook onto what they said so they can talk about themselves.

C: Roll their eyes and continue the conversation.

No one really knows you, no one takes the time. But you’re content. This is life you say…and maybe one day you’ll run into the one you need but if you don’t, well that’s just perfectly fine.

No matter what kind of path you walk, whether it’s either or in between or something completely off the board. All scenarios lead to the same path though: a new friend.

It may or may not happen suddenly. It may or may not be early in life. All you know is that in the crazy excitement of a new person, you then realize that this person fits. The way feet slide into fuzzy socks. Like honey in tea, they fit. The two of you surf the same wavelength when you thought you were the only one in the sea. Yes, this person fits you. You know it…you don’t say anything because you’ve been here before. Except they listen. Except they pick up on things that you didn’t know dropped. They cheer you on. They show you the blush in your cheek the person at work painted on you. And when you tell them that that you’re afraid to bring down the walls you built around your heart, they tell you that you don’t need to bring them down; you can build a door instead.

Adventure. They’re a new adventure every day but not only is it a new adventure with them, but also a new adventure for yourself. All of a sudden, they redefine friendship and makes you better for it. Better friend, better person, better soul like the moment after you cry. Relief.

They call you out on your nonsense just like you did to them the week before. In the midst of all that, there’s an argument. Not because you’re on different sides but because you are on the same side, because they care. More so, you make a decision that could hurt them now in order the salvage the home they’ve made in your heart. It’s the friendship in the future you want to save. It’s being 80 years old and laughing about life that you want to still have. You’ll hurt them now to love them even more later.

Instant friendship or over the course of eight years, you don’t have to censor yourself. Because they see you for who you are, what you’re capable of, support every decision with or without warning. They give you music when you don’t need words, they allow you to break down in the minute moments  you feel your soul cracking. They are just there. And somehow those pivotal moments when nothing seems to be right, when you feel an imbalance in the world, when the stars have dimmed and darkness is endless, you’ll know you’re not alone. You’ll always have this friend. This friend who can write a manual on how to love you and care for you and protect you.

They remind you that you are strong. And you are passionate. And you emanate brilliancy. And you are phenomenal.  And you believe them and confident about it. Because when you thought you already reached your most extraordinary stage, you realize you’re even further than that.

You reached this moment of complete fearlessness.

When the world is at your feet and if you said you wanted to fly, you would. You have that much power in you, that much belief and confidence, the world just has to let you defy gravity. And it does.


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