Random Acts to IMAlive Journey: Inside the Life of an IMAlive Volunteer


From South Dakota  

I joined IMAlive as a crisis responder because it felt like a calling.  When Random Acts announced they would be sponsoring the training I jumped and emailed them the very first day it was open.  I had no idea if I would qualify as I have no background education in mental health, however, I previously worked at a Domestic Violence shelter and took crisis calls on a regular basis.  I currently work at a homeless shelter and meet many individuals in crisis and suffering from mental illness.  Working at both places also meant I had had encounters with individuals who had suicidal thoughts.

 Within two weeks of completing my training for IMAlive I used it to talk with two patrons at the shelter having suicidal ideations. I was so grateful.

Hmm, something about me.  I’m an empty nester with three grown sons out on their own.  And this is my third career!!  I have a Medical Technology degree which I practiced for 17 years, then was a cosmetics Director for 10 and now I work in non-profit.  One never knows where life’s journey will lead and I am a true believe in lifelong learning.


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