Volunteers Of The Month – February

Sabrina Perrin.jpg

Sabrina from Ontario

Sabrina joined IMAlive through a Random Acts sponsorship in the fall of 2017. Ever since she has been dedicating her time on a regular basis to people in crisis. She is intuitive and insightful while patiently working through the crisis. She never fails to be kind and supportive while trying to work with others to grow as a responder and person. She is always a pleasure to have on shift because her optimism and positive energy.

Christian Young

Christian from Montana

Christian was sponsored by Random Acts and joined IMAlive in the summer of 2017. He always makes the extra effort to really connect well with anyone he is talking to and to work with them to figure out the feelings and reasons behind their pain. He is empathic and considerate when talking to the people in crisis as well as his fellow volunteers and supervisors and is always looking for input to help him grow and make him an even more effective responder.

We couldn’t be happier to have Sabrina and Christian as our volunteers of the month. Thank you for your dedication and congratulations.


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