Happy Mother’s Day: My Mom Is My Superhero

March 13th is Mother’s Day and if we needed another reason to celebrate the beautiful, powerful, all mighty creature that is a mother then here it is! For Mother’s Day, I would really like to tell you guys about the strongest woman I have ever known. She is beyond selfless, cares more for others than herself, and she shows me this every day. This woman is my mother.

You guys, my mom is awesome. And I do not mean this because she would sing me lullabies late at night until I fell asleep when I was little, or because she would be late to work almost every day of the three years I was in middle school because I felt sick all the time, and she would drive me there so I didn’t have to ride the bus, blast the AC in my face and pep talk me until I was ready to handle the day. I mean she is truly, genuinely, wickedly awesome, because she has survived one of the hardest things that a parent can possibly fathom. She has lost a child. Yet, she still lives through it and cares so much for the well being of others that she must be from a different planet (love you, mom).

My brother died by suicide in 2010. Of course, this rocked our world. It is a pain you cannot possibly imagine unless you have lost someone this way, too. My mom has not been the same person since, and neither have I or my sister. But, my mother proves to me every day that there is still good in this world, because she continues to fight for her own happiness. She continues to wake up each morning and put a smile on her face and go about her day, because she wants to live and honor my brother’s life. She crumbled, but not forever. She rose back up after losing her only son, and she continues to walk in a forward direction by her own faith. I want her story to inspire each of you as it does me. She deserves to be celebrated not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.

My mom constantly reminds me that if I am struggling I will eventually be okay, because there is a light above the darkness, and whatever I am battling in that moment it will get better. She has held my hand through many obstacles in my life, all while fighting her own fires. I am proud to be a woman because of her, and I hope to be at least half the woman and mother she is and has been.

Let’s celebrate the strong mother’s in our lives today, and not only today, but every day. Remind them that they mean the world to you; the best present can be your own words from the heart. This day is to celebrate our mother’s achievements, and I would say out of all the beautiful things my mother has done, her greatest achievement would have been her son. The ability to overcome the grief from losing him, although it is never a “done deal”, is truly an amazing thing. Let’s give the mother’s you know a big hug today, they deserve it.




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