Volunteers of the Month – April

Luke Mott

Luke from Germany 

Luke joined IMAlive through a Random Acts sponsorship in the Fall of 2017. Since taking his first crisis chat, it was clear that Luke was one to watch as he was able to connect with his chatters in a very developed and impressive way. This skill has continued to shine through and is noticed by his Supervisors. Luke is able to keep a cool head throughout tough crisis chats and in these times, has great insight and ideas on what to work on with his chatters. Luke’s constant attention and willingness to adapt to situations to help his chatters makes him a worthy recipient of Volunteer of the Month for April.

Amanda S

Amanda from New York 

Amanda also joined IMAlive in the Fall of 2017 through a Random Acts sponsorship. Her Supervisors have mentioned that Amanda is such a pleasure to have on shift. She is always ready to go and is patient and understanding; never misses what is being said between the lines and makes her connections quickly with a chatter. Amanda is an amazing caring and attentive person. She shows compassion to people who are struggling and is a hard-working and devoted volunteer. Amanda is never afraid to seek improvement in her skills and with each chat she does, she shows determination;  she is a force to be reckoned with.

We are very proud to have Luke and Amanda as our Volunteers of the Month for April.



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