Making Life Beautiful: The Power of Love and Support

One never really knows how wonderful it is to have a strong support network until something really rotten and unexpected happens…

My husband was going camping with our medieval club in the US and he got there did some fighting and goofed off with friends until late in the night. Early the next morning he has shortness of breath, chest pains, and pain in his left arm. One of his camping buddies and friends is an Emergency Medical Technician, so he checked him out while the local EMT’s were on their way and was able to give them a good report and speed the healing process along as they whisked my husband to the local hospital. I am back in Canada as I had work and a child’s birthday party to attend to, so we did not accompany him on his journey. So I get a message from my husband that tells me he is in the hospital and the ICU nurse is calling to see when I can get to the hospital as they are “concerned” for him. Long story short he is back in Canada and in the hospital still. While in the US his friends packed his gear into his vehicle and left it at the hospital so I could drive it home (at my request), they made sure he had visitors to occupy his time and they called and checked in on him to make sure he knew he wasn’t alone just because he was in a “foreign” country. Then upon his arrival home there have been a long parade of people offering assistance and helping out at the house as the things he usually does are not getting done.

It is a little overwhelming to be the recipient of so much care and love.

These people, some of whom know my husband well but are not well acquainted with me, have really stepped up and made what is a difficult and sometimes frightening experience go so smooth and basically have just made things beautiful. Friends stepping up to help when the chips are down and following through on those offers make life beautiful.

Praise to all the supportive people who help make others lives better.




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