National Superman Day: Celebrating Who We Are and Why We Stand out Is Important

What, no cape? No underwear on the outside? No jet pack or magic hammer? Then sorry, you can’t possibly graduate from Superhero School……WRONG.

We’re all bewitched by the image of a superhero; someone with other-worldly strength or power. But, what if we stopped looking to Marvel for inspiration, forgot the costumes and gadgets and started looking for qualities instead? That’s where we find out we’re all pretty SUPER after all. Real life, adulting, jobs, finances, logistics, it’s all hard work and it’s exhausting; sometimes we deserve the cookie just for making it out of bed even relatively on time.

Ok, so heroes are helpful, they see a problem or someone in turmoil and they want to help. That’s something I bet you relate to if you’re here reading this. If so, congratulations, you’re part superhero.

They fight adversity, villains, people determined to pull them down. See a pattern? If you’ve ever faced a bully, felt marginalised or left out, or just not accepted for who you are, you’re part superhero because you’re still showing up.

Our Embrace Your Superpower campaign (#EYS2018) is full of ways people are digging deep and recognising what makes them, them and therefore basically a hero. Celebrating who we are and why we stand out is important….your power can be caring (even if it’s too much), it can be being honest about days when things are just too tough or just an ability mainline coffee like a boss.

We’re so consumed by what we aren’t and what we (perceive) we can’t do, that we forget to acknowledge what we are and what we can do. This day is about celebrating our inherent ‘hero-ness’ – look at what we’re capable of; creativity, love, growth, laughter, exploration, friendship, pure unadulterated joy, music, art…the list goes on. We’re all walking miracles and so we shouldn’t let the comics tell us we’re just ‘normal’, because you, you’re extraordinary.

So, even if you don’t feel it, find a tiny touch of that extraordinary today and if you can’t, reach out and let someone close by help you find it, because it’s there.

To learn about the Embrace Your Superpower 2018 campaign and how you can get involved click here.




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