Poem: In The Closet

Have you ever lived in a closet?
Not one of those fancy walk-in ones
But a tight suffocating closet
With no light or room
Crammed halfway in between
Someone else’s dried up skeleton
And their unused rubbage
Have you ever been shoved in there
By someone you loved
And trusted above all?
As they walked away with the key
They carried your broken dreams
And crushed hopes with them
Now one would think that
Maybe some cruel act of a fool
Warranted such harsh punishment
Or perhaps something more sinister at heart
But would you believe me
If I told you that millions of people
Live like this simply because
Of who they are?
Because of a label called “orientation”
They might as well be
Sent off for cremation
Because they do not live
But merely exist
For some existence is all they have
And they just as soon be rid of it
Their faces are not strange to you
Brothers, nieces, friends, mothers
No social status or race goes untouched
From third grade to the eighth decade
All have known the closet
It is the only home they know

For at least these silent skeletons
Accept them for the most raw
And bare image they can be
They find safety in this closet
Safety from the ignorant cruelty
That takes the form of a
Horror monster seen in
Nightmares of the darkest kind
A monster that will bash a skull in
With a bat or stab you to death
Simply because you held hands
With the only person that
Bears any resemblance of the word
Not a love that merely exits the lips
And then falls violently to the ground
Never making it to your parched heart
For love is not love if a
Comma comes behind it
Love never says,
“I love you in spite of…” or
“I could love you if only
You could just change this…”
Love should be a resounding declaration!
Abounding to the furthest corners of the Earth!
That all may hear you are a priceless gift
Not some buck fifty toy
Found at a thrift shop
That is played with until
Something newer comes along
One can not simply walk
Out of this closet
As if taking a leisurely stroll
Through a park

Instead it’s a seemingly
Endless tunnel of darkness
Hatred and abuse cut your soul
As sharp as the eyes
That tear you down
If you happen to make it out alive
Count yourself lucky
For all do not survive
The lonely journey
We mourn for you Brave Warriors
Adding your courage to ours
Hoping one day we can stand
As a testimony to your memory
It is time for all of this to END!
It is time to Execute the Oppression
And Excommunicate the recession
Of valuing LIFE!
It is time we stop focusing
On who is losing virginity
And start releasing Identity!
We should be treating people
Like people and not like cattle
If something is broken we
Simply end it’s life because
It can benefit us no more
When did the value of life
Simply boil down to what
We can use out of it
And not what we can pour back in?
This is a call!
A desperate plea to stand
Against a broken society
That still rejects you
Like a disease
If you offer any sort of
Variety to the mix

Be Beautiful and Strong!
Leave the skeletons
In their miserable strife
And Live Life!



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