Embrace Your Superpower: Frank Warren of PostSecret

 Do you want to know my secret super-power?


My friends at IMAlive have a campaign starting right now called “Embrace Your Superpower”.

Do you have something that may be perceived as a weakness but should really be celebrated as a strength? Maybe something that made you feel different or alone over time has become something that can empower you and serve others.

In my case, I think it could be my insomnia. When I was younger it used to vex me. I would try hard to fall back to sleep and that would just make me worry about it and make the problem bigger.

Later I began to make friends with my sleeplessness, I created habits that allowed me to get my worrying done before I went to bed by journaling. I began to swim and bike more during the day so my body would be so exhausted it couldn’t fight the drowsiness. I learned to embrace my sleepless nights and use them as opportunities to brainstorm about original creative projects I could start, like PostSecret.

Without my insomnia, it’s possible I never would have asked that first stranger for their secret or thought of all the cool ways to share their postcards back out with you.

Maybe just like comic book heroes, before we understand and embrace our superpowers they can seem like the things that make a different or freaks.

-Frank Warren

To learn more about Frank Warren and PostSecret:


To learn more about the Embrace Your Superpower 2018 campaign and how you can get involved click here.

Embrace Your Superpower for National Suicide Prevention Month. Join IMAlive, PostSecret, Actress Torrey DeVitto, Actress Carrie Genzel, Author Jennifer Niven,  Author T.H. Hernandez & more in our movement to fight the stigma of suicide and mental health. Support Our Campaign!


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