Volunteers of the Month – September


Alice from the UK

Alice joined IMAlive in the Spring of 2017 through a Random Acts sponsorship. Since taking her first chat with a person in crisis, she has shown great kindness and an eagerness to help. Alice goes over and beyond for her person in crisis and even when feeling tired, she has this great sense of determination and gentle touch about her. If she encounters a difficult shift, Alice she has been known to engage in deserving self-care and rest and resurfaces stronger than before. Her Supervisors note that Alice is a great communicator and comes online energetic and ready to help those in crisis – she is self reliant and resourceful and is never afraid of asking her Supervisors for input when she needs it most. Overall, her hardworking presence makes her a worthy recipient of Volunteer of the Month for September.


Sara from Texas

Sara became a certified crisis responder with IMAlive in the Fall of 2017 through a sponsorship with Random Acts. Since joining IMAlive Sara has been noted for her great sense of humour and her ability to make anyone smile with her kind and empathetic nature. Sara takes her time in each chat breaking down the crisis and helps the person in crisis to work on achievable steps when the overall big picture is too overwhelming. Sara is an independent Volunteer and can adapt to any situation that she is faced with. What also stands out is that she isn’t afraid of working together as a team with her Supervisors. It is apparent that Sara wants the very best for the people in crisis that she works with, which we find to be very noble and admirable, making her a deserving recipient of Volunteer of the Month for September.

We are very proud to have Alice and Sara as our Volunteers of the Month for September.


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